Seeta’s Bar shooting: Family says victim was hardworking father of six


By Isanella Patoir

The man who was shot dead during a scuffle at the Seeta’s Bar early Monday was a father of six children, ages 1 to 13 years old.

His relatives told the News Room that he worked hard to provide for his family.

Kurt Anthony Duncan, 32, was a Popsicle vendor who lived at the GPL Reserve in North Sophia, Greater Georgetown with his wife Rebecca and their children.

The incident occurred at around 02:00 hrs; Police Headquarters said the suspect is currently being sought.

Police reported that the bar was in the process of closing when a scuffle arose between a woman and a man who was cleaning the floor.

Seeta’s Bar

Duncan, who was at the bar with a friend, reportedly tried to intervene in the scuffle when he was shot by another man who was seated nearby.

“I heard he was at the bar with some friend and some altercation happen and he was trying to make peace,” the victim’s brother, Dellon Duncan told the News Room.

The victim’s brother, Dellon Duncan

Duncan was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

“My brother, very hardworking person he loved his family so much, he has a huge family…it was sad to wake up this morning and hear.

“I was at home getting ready for work and my lil nephew come and inform me that he get [shoot] up at some bar.”

Meanwhile, Duncan’s sister, Kendyce Duncan said he was shot in the washroom of the bar.

“How we hearing is that the person go behind he in the washroom and shoot he after the problem, I can’t say what transpire but that’s what we hear is in the washroom he get shoot,” Kendyce said.

“We ain’t get the person name yet, but I hear is some ex-police,” Kendyce noted.

The family is hoping that justice will be served.

The victim’s sister, Kendyce Duncan

“I just hope that the Police them do their duty and my brother get justice because he was not no troublemaking person, he was a very good person, he [goes] to church and I can’t see why he meet he destination like that,” Kendyce said.

Kendyce described her brother as a peaceful person.

“I never know he get in problem with nobody, I just hope to know the truth of the story, the person who do he this…I hope he get maximum of timings, cause he take a great loss from me, not just me but he left a young woman, she is just 30 with six children,” the grieving sister said.

Duncan’s body is at the Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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