Deadly nightclub brawl: man says he tried his best to save friend’s life


Businessman Paul Grant, 28, is mourning the death of his friend this Christmas Day; he told the News Room he tried his best to save his friend’s life during a fight at a Berbice nightclub three hours into Christmas. 

Dead is Carlos “Tony” Williams.

Grant recalled that he was at a nightclub in Portuguese Quarters with Williams and his wife Charlene Harry.

Grant said he and Williams were heading to the club’s washroom, but since it was packed, they went outside.

It was there that a fight broke out between Williams and a man Police only identified as “Babba.”

Paul Grant

Grant said he wasn’t sure why the fight started. He could only recall that when Williams and him were at the side of the street on the parapet that some men were looking at them “strongly.”

He said moments later, he felt a bottle hit him to the head and by the time he turned around he saw the suspect stabbing Williams across his body.

As he tried to intervene, he was slashed to his left side jaw.

“The banna then ran away and I see my friend walk over to the next side grass and sit down there; when I reach he I see he get juk up so I rush out back by the road and flog down a taxi.”

Williams’ wife received a stab wound to her leg; when the two did not return after a while, she went looking for them and tried to intervene to help her husband.

Williams succumbed while receiving medical attention at the hospital.

Williams a driver of Lot 267, Reef Rose Hall Town was known to many as an independent and hardworking individual. The incident has left him family members is mourning and their Christmas in darkness.

An investigation is a still active and the suspect is still being sought by the Police.

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