12-year-old died as a result of choking from hassar curry


A post mortem performed by Dr. Nehaul Singh earlier today revealed that the 12-year-old Rotterdam East Bank Berbice girl died as a result of food particles blocking her airway, and not from being strangled in a hammock she was playing with.

Dead is Ayana Haygard.

The official report conducted today at around 11:30hrs by the pathologist listed the cause of death as asphyxiation due to bronco-aspiration of gastric content.

Medical personnel speaking with the News Room explained that the child suffocated from food particles from her last meal. This publication understands the last meal Haygard had was hassar curry and rice.

Haygard was found in an unconscious state by relatives at around noon on Monday.

She was playing with a hammock at a relatives home in Lonsdale, East Bank  Berbice.

Relatives then had reasoned that she could have been strangled by the hammock she was playing with.

She was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

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