‘Mona’ suing the state for $1.2M


Hemwattie ‘Mona’ Singh has commenced legal proceedings in the High Court against Attorney General Basil Williams, Commissioner of Police Leslie James, Woman Special Constable Neishet Park and Onkar Sooknanan, in violation of her fundamental rights.

Singh is claiming that her fundamental and constitutional rights were violated on December 3, 2019 at the Rose Hall Police Station after she and her sister, Yashmanie ‘Tina’ Ramsew, were involved in a minor accident.

Singh is being represented by Attorney-at-Law Saphier Husain.

Singh claims cruel and inhumane treatment was meted out to her when she was arrested and she was wrongful deprived of her liberty on 3rd December, 2019 at the Rose Hall Police Station.

She is claiming $100,000 for wrongful deprivation of liberty; $100,000 for assault, torture and degrading treatment; $1,000,000 for unlawful and malicious publication by the Woman Special Constable and Sooknanan on the internet via YouTube and Facebook of her pictures and/or images and videos without her permission; and violation of her human rights to privacy and damage of her reputation and character.

According to Singh, on December 3, while driving on the Rose Hall Public Road with Ramsew, they were involved in an accident, damaging another vehicle.

She claimed that they had settled the matter with the owner of the car and agreed that police involvement would not be necessary.

Singh alleged that Woman Special Constable and Sooknanan stopped her and Ramsew and threatened to shoot them and subsequently took them to the Rose Hall Police Station.

On the way the station, Singh said the officers demanded $50,000 from them.

At the station, they were reportedly placed in an enclosed room, and the lights were turned off and this is when, Singh claimed, the Woman Special Constable abused them and dealt them several blows about their abdomen and legs.

Singh said this is what caused her and Ramsew to speak in harsh and loud tone to protect their civil liberty.

The two sisters are facing ten charges.

Ramsew was charged with six offences which alleged that on December 2 she drove motorcar PTT 5628 in a manner dangerous to the public on the Rose Hall public road and failed to stop and report the accident. She was also charged for resisting arrest, disorderly behaviour and assaulting a peace officer.

The young lady pleaded not guilty to all the charges and is out on bail.

Singh was charged with damage to property, assaulting peace officer Umkar Sukhnanand on the Port Mourant Public Road, resisting arrest and disorderly behaviour.

She too pleaded not guilty and was placed on bail.

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