Husband of woman strangled in bathtub says he loved her to the end; did not know of her affair


The husband of the Berbice woman found dead in a bathtub at the Aracari Resort, West Bank Demerara last Sunday, said he is in shock, as he did not know she was in a relationship with someone while he is overseas.

Priya Nandram and her boyfriend of two years, Kevin Singh, were found dead on Sunday after overnighting at the property. A post mortem found that the woman was strangled to death while Singh ingested a poisonous substance.

Nandram struck up the relationship with Singh while her husband and the father of her two boys was overseas.

Robin Hakim, speaking with the News Room via telephone said he loved his wife to the end and did not know she was having an affair.

“We were still married; I came overseas to work for a better future for my wife and our kids; I don’t know what to say,” Hakim, in tears, told the News Room.

He last spoke to her on Saturday just after seven in the morning. In a WhatsApp message, he addressed her as “love” and she addressed him as “love.”

The last conversation the couple had

Nandram had taken her two sons at her mother’s place at Alness on the Corentyne Coast for the school holidays. The two boys live with Hakim’s parents.

Hakim said he had pleaded with Nandram to take care of the boys instead of leaving them with his parents and going to work. Nandram’s last job was at a gas station at Buxton, East Coast Demerara.

Hakim claimed he took care of his wife and two sons and she didn’t need to seek work.

Dead: Sabrina ‘Priya’ Nandram and Kevin Singh

The couple dated while they were very young; she was 13 and he was 17 when they first met. Two years later, they began “living home.”

In their last conversation, Hakim said he was planning to have Nandram and their two boys visit him in June.

Their first son will be eight this month and the second boy will be five next month.

Hakim said he last spoke to his wife after she took the boys back to his parents. She said she was heading back to Berbice in the afternoon.

“I always loved her and supported her.”


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