Family of teen boy found dead in trench believes he was killed over a girl


By Isanella Patoir

The family of 18-year-old Wayne Anthony George, whose body was found in a trench Tuesday morning with injuries to the head, believes that he was killed over a girl.

Edward Wiltshire, George’s father, told the News Room Wednesday that his son was beaten hours before by a group of men; one of the men had claimed that George wanted to be with his girlfriend.

Wiltshire, a construction worker and father of 15, said he was on his way to work Tuesday morning when he heard a body was found in a trench nearby.

Never did he imagine it would be his son.

“When they say a body in the trench, I keep walking but then I walk to where the body went and when I look I see it is my son…I left shocked.”

“I called his mother because I wasn’t seeing his face and ask she what pants he wear and what bicycle he went on; she said he was wearing a camouflage pants and red bicycle,” the father said.

The teenager’s body was found at Craig, East Bank Demerara at about 07:40hrs Tuesday.

Edward Wiltshire

A cutlass and his bicycle were also found in close proximity to the body.

The teen was last seen alive by his mother, Emmette George at 22:30hrs Monday when he left his Kaneville home to make a report at the Grove Police Station.

After the initial incident, George went home and told his mother what happened and she then told him to make a report at the Police Station.

“When I come home the night I heard that he and some boys through the street had a problem, the boys [pelt] he in he face with big brick,” Mr Wiltshire said.

While the family said one person was arrested in connection with the investigation, Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Kurleigh Simon told the News Room that this is not true.

The family also claims that they gave the Police video footage of the fight between the teenager and the men, after which the Police told them to delete the video.

Commander Simon said his investigators did not present any video evidence.

“We talk to Police and they get one of the boys; he was at the station when we were there, the Police said they investigating he and getting information,” Mr Wiltshire said.

“I want the Police them to catch the [suspects] and let justice prevail.”

George’s siblings said he loved to dance and make jokes.

His body was found with wounds to the lip and behind his head; blood was oozing from his nose and the wound from his head.

A post mortem is scheduled for Friday.

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