Mother wants justice for daughter stabbed by schoolmate


The mother of a Linden teen stabbed to her back outside the Linden Foundation Secondary School on Thursday afternoon wants justice.

Dane Lyte, the mother of 15-year-old Shashamani Williams, who was stabbed by another schoolmate, said the teen who is responsible should face the full penalty for the crime.

“I need justice…I would claim that is [attempted] manslaughter; the child isn’t walking…I need something out of this matter, I need justice,” Lyte, of Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden told the News Room in a telephone interview.

Williams was stabbed to her back on Thursday afternoon injuring her diaphragm, muscles and tendons, her left lung, spleen and her stomach.

Williams was engaged in a fight with a 13-year-old student of the school when the child’s 15-year-old sister stabbed her in the back with a hunting knife.

Lyte told the News Room that her daughter’s condition is improving though she is in the Intensive Care Unit at the Linden Hospital.

“She said everything is ok, she improving and I just keep praying,” her mother said.

The woman is still attempting to get details of what transpired as she was not around when the incident occurred.

Lyte, however, said this is not the first time such incidents are occurring at the school.

The woman said her 19-year-old son was also injured at the school during a previous incident. She said she was not able to contact the Welfare Department in all of the matters.

She alleged that a male student is involved in the incident stating that it was the boy who forced her daughter and the other female student to start fighting.

The incident was recorded and went viral on social media and the police has since arrested the sisters, aged 13 and 15, involved in the incident.


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