Double efforts to banish crime, disease, ignorance and poverty- PNC/R Republic Day message


See full statement below from the PNC/R on Guyana’s Republic anniversary:

The People’s National Congress Reform is pleased to extend greetings and good wishes to all Guyanese as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our Republican status.

This year, 2020, our nation celebrates its Golden Jubilee; 50 years as a Republic and the national celebration of Mashramani.

Therefore, it is an occasion for reflection and assessment of the state of our nation, 50 years after Guyana was declared a Republic and 54 years since we achieved our independence. The theme for this year’s commemoration is “Guyana Together; reflect, celebrate, transform.”  In this regard, it must be evident to all that we, as Guyanese, need to redouble our efforts to banish crime, disease, ignorance and poverty. We must strengthen national unity, expand national infrastructure, fortify national institutions, ensure national security and extend public services.

This year we must all stand as one. This is the year for national unity. In the words of our Party Leader and President, “It is a year for recalling and recommitting towards the dream of a free, united and prosperous Guyana, one in which the good life is attainable by all.”

Accordingly, the PNCR wishes all of the Guyanese people, a Happy Republic holiday, and a joyous celebration of Mashramani, as we pray that the spirit of peace, love and unity will dwell among us on the 50th Anniversary of our Republic.

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