Landing problems prevented Army, Police at Eteringbang from voting


The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has revealed that members of the disciplined forces who are based at  Eteringbang in Region Seven were unable to vote on February 21 after the Pilot reported that he was unable to land.

Public Relations Officer of GECOM Yolanda Ward only made the revelation Wednesday night following questions from a reporter in the GECOM Media Whatsapp Group.

She noted that 35 Police Officers and eight soldiers could not vote after the Pilot returned to Georgetown.

According to Ward, GECOM will now be transporting those persons from Eteringbang to their respective polling stations to vote on March 2.

Of the 10, 226 members of the security forces registered, a total of 8,369 voted in the general and regional elections on February 21.

GECOM had announced that 5,400 (80.6%) members of the Guyana Police Force voted, 2,539 (83.6%) members of the Defence Force and 430 (88.1%) of Prison Service members cast their vote.

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