THAG calls for two-week lockdown on entertainment spots, non-essential businesses


See below for full statement from Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG):

The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) calls on Bars, Clubs, Places of Entertainment, Betting & Barber Shops as well as all Non-Essential Businesses to lockdown for a period of two weeks in the first instance, after which the situation should be reassessed.

THAG encourages all food and beverage service providers to implement pick-up, carry-out, and delivery with no on-site consumption allowed. THAG considers Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Transport & Security as essential services and thereby not subject to Lockdown.

These measures are costly but the consequence of if we don’t take these precautions, will mean that we stand to pay the “ultimate price”.

THAG appeals to everyone to practice Physical Distancing and utilise online services and virtual space as much as possible.

Please stay informed about the virus, how it’s contracted, common signs & symptoms of infection etc. with updates from PAHO/WHO, National Task Force, CARPHA and other such credible sources.

Let us do our part to “flatten the curve” as we combat this global pandemic.

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