Prison escapee recaptured in BV cane fields; 3 others still on the run


Nine days after they escaped from the Lusignan Holding Bay on the East  Coast of Demerara, the Police on Wednesday night were only able to capture one of three prisoners.

Police Headquarters in a brief statement revealed that at around 20:30hrs, ranks caught 24-year-old Sasenarine Bisnauth in the cane fields aback Beterverwagting Sideline Dam, East Coast Demerara.

Police said he was armed with a cutlass but he surrendered.

Bisnauth who is from Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo, was on remand since January 6, 2020, for two counts of robbery and one count of armed robbery.

Anthony Padmore, Ganesh Dhanraj and Kenraul Perez

Three other prisoners remain missing: 26-year-old Anthony Padmore who was admitted to the penitentiary on February 28 to serve three years jail for trafficking Cannabis; 32-year-old Ganesh Dhanraj who is on remand for murder and 26-year-old Kenraul Perez, also on remand for murder.

The four escaped the prison on April 20; Prison Director Gladwin Samuels had said they jumped the eastern fence of the Lusignan Holding Bay at about 03:46hrs “during very heavy rainfall.”

The men were discovered missing during roll-call at 06:15hrs when they did not answer to their names.


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