APNU+AFC’s motive is to delay recount and create confusion – Jagdeo


Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo Thursday afternoon said the motive of the APNU+AFC in the ongoing national vote recount exercise is becoming clear just two days into the activity.

Jagdeo said a pattern of misinformation, delaying the recount process through deliberate obstruction and creating confusion seems to be part of the coalition’s grand plan.

The Opposition Leader maintained that the PPP won the March 02, 2020 elections, insisting that the coalition knows this to be true.

The PPP, in cautioning citizens against misinformation, said the coalition seems determined to create enough doubt on the process with a grand plan to call for fresh elections.

Jagdeo said the APNU+AFC’s plans are unravelling by their own claims that dead or migrated persons voted or that there is collusion between GECOM staff and PPP agents.

“They are very very transparent now and I should say clumsy too because if you arguing that you won why would you go now and say dead persons voted now,” Jagdeo added.

“They want to slow down the entire exercise by making objections.”

Jagdeo said even if the coalition is equipped with death certificates and migrations records as they claimed, it proves nothing and should not be addressed during a recount but rather through an elections petition.

“Their behaviour is consistent with a party that lost the elections,” Jagdeo said.

The Opposition Leader said he shudders to think that President David Granger is a part of this “clumsiness” and said the President must now come out and say whether he is involved or not.

“Granger purports to be decent but he has allowed the APNU cabal, the rigging cabal to hijack everything.”

Jagdeo said the coalition has also launched a nasty attack against the diplomatic community through its agents on social media.

Notwithstanding, Jagdeo said the PPP will continue to ensure the transparency and integrity of the recount process.

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