APNU+AFC equipped with death certificates, migration records for recount process


The APNU+AFC coalition Thursday morning confirmed that it is equipped with several death certificates, migration records and reliable information that it intends to use throughout the recount process.

Alliance for Change Executive Member, David Patterson told reporters outside the Conference Center that the Coalition hopes to use this information throughout the recount process so as to provide as much evidence as possible on how the voting process of March 02, 2020, was done.

“We have three other types of information with backing and supporting records,” he added.

Patterson said the Coalition has a team in the background that will be providing the necessary information to the party agents at the counting stations before ballot boxes are opened.

He said the Coalition will pass up no opportunity to participate fully in the recount process.

The Coalition produced a death certificate Wednesday with claims that the dead person voted in the March 2020 elections even though he was registered as deceased in 2019.

The information was forwarded to the Guyana Elections Commission with promises to remedy such issues. Up to late Wednesday, GECOM said it was yet to verify claims that dead persons were found to have voted in the elections.

But Patterson said he hopes that the concerns the APNU+AFC raised Wednesday will be addressed and resolved before the end of the first round of counting Thursday.

“We took GECOIM at their word, they say they will have a resolution for certain issues so I don’t want another set of ballot box to be opened without clear direction on what we can do,” he added.

Notwithstanding this, Patterson believes that Thursday morning’s exercise was off to a good start.

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