‘This government is picking a fight with the entire world’ – Nandlall


The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has come out to denounce what it believes are fresh attacks on the international community by the APNU+AFC coalition.

PPP party agent Anil Nandlall on Thursday reproved the Coalition for its statement which questions the character of Bruce Golding, the former Jamaican Prime Minister who serves as head of electoral observation mission of the Organization of the American States (OAS).

The Coalition heavily criticized Golding following statements he made on Wednesday in which he pointed to fraud committed in the tabulation of District #4 results by Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo in favour of the APNU+AFC.

Hours after Golding made the statement, APNU+AFC member Joseph Harmon issued a statement in which he accused Golding of being bias, alleging that he is personal friends with high ranking members of the PPP.

Nandlall, in response, defended Golding’s character, saying he is an internationally recognised statesman who was chosen by the OAS because of his integrity.

“Golding was chosen by a prestigious organization like the OAS. They chose Mr. Golding because of his standing and his integrity. Golding said what he observed – that he headed an observation team that was in Ashmins (Building) when fraud was perpetuated,” Nandlall added.

He said Golding, and the OAS by extension, has a duty to report what they observed and it would have in turn been a dereliction of duty had they kept quiet.

“It is not secret that fraud was perpetuated. I witnessed it and dozens of people witnessed it. It was done in a glass room and who were not in the room could have seen it from outside. So I don’t know why the government is offended by what Golding said,” he told reporters outside the Arthur Chung Conference Center.

Nandlall said the government seems to be picking a fight with the entire world, referencing its response to several international organisations and countries already denouncing attempts to destroy the credibility of the electoral process.

Nandall said he could not understand why the government appeared easily offended by anyone who criticizes the electoral process.

“All they are saying is that he elections results of tabulation done in Region #4 was a farce and a fraud and that is the truth.”

Nandlall said it is not about supporting the PPP and he would not think that those commenting on the process would put their own integrity and that of the organisations they represent at stake because of their support for the PPP.

He said the government is behaving like someone with their back against the wall.

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