588 ballot boxes counted so far; Reg. 2 recount almost done


At the end of Day 12 of the national recount, 60 ballot boxes from four regions were counted bringing the total number of boxes counted since the recount began to 588.

The recount for Region Two is almost complete and could see the commencement of Region Six, according to the Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Yolanda Ward.

There are 135 ballot boxes for Region Two of which nine is outstanding.

On Day 12, a total of 13 boxes were counted for Region 2, 15 for Region 3, 14 for Region 4 and 18 for Region 5.

The count for Region One was completed on Friday last; the certification of the results was done Sunday and signed off by the political parties that contested that region.

According to the certification document, the APNU+AFC received a total of 3,909 votes in Region One; the PPP received 8,002; LJP received 170; PRP received 24 and URP received 6.

There was a total of 12,111 valid votes; 328 ballots were rejected; 41 spoilt ballots and three used tendered ballot papers.


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