PPP notes difference of 3, 545 votes in boxes counted so far for District 4


With just 20% of the 879 ballot boxes for District 4 counted in the ongoing recount exercise, the People’s Progressive Party on Tuesday said it has already found 52 instances where the figures were altered by Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo.

PPP’s General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo said the changing of the figures by increasing those of the APNU+AFC coalition and decreasing those of the PPP were clearly done in favour of the coalition.

Jagdeo, in a virtual briefing, said votes in the 52 boxes were increased by 2827 for the APNU+AFC and reduced by 718 for the PPP.

“If you add the two that means the results in just those 52 boxes would be off the authentic results by 3545 votes,” he explained.

Jagdeo said it is time the APNU+AFC stop ignoring the fraud committed by Mingo in its favour and stop making statements to taint the credibility of the elections.

“The only thing not credible about these elections is the Mingo declaration and that’s the elephant in the room; it stares them in the face and they don’t mention it at all,” he added.

Jagdeo said the PPP will continue to monitor the recount of District #4 and provide periodic updates whenever it has fresh analysis on the “fraud” committed by Mingo.

The recount was decided on by the Guyana Elections Commission after the PPP first objected to Mingo’s declarations and later joined by other political parties.

Chief Justice Roxane George on March 11 ruled that Mingo had breached the country’s electoral laws when he failed to display and use the numbers from the Statements of Poll from each polling station when doing a tabulation to determine the number of votes cast for each party.

Despite these objections, the APNU+AFC has repeated claimed victory in the March 02, 2020 elections and have called for a declaration to be made based on Mingo’s declaration.

During a visit to the recount site on Sunday, President David Granger said he would abise by whatever results GECOM declares.

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