Gov’t now approves 7th commercial flight to take out Americans


The Government has now given approval for a commercial flight to take Americans out of Guyana to Miami on Friday. The approval comes three days after the government denied this request by the United States Embassy in Guyana.

“Permission was granted for the seventh relief commercial flight operated by Eastern Airlines with direct service from Georgetown to Miami, Friday May 22, 2020 departing at 16:30. This flight is open only to U.S citizens, legal permanent residents, and third country nationals with a valid visa or ESTA for transit,” the U.S Embassy said in a note to U.S. citizens.

The statement also noted that tickets will be available to purchase on the Eastern Airline website at

The U.S Embassy noted the hardship land and airspace border closures have created for U.S citizens who need to return home.

The airports in Guyana have been closed since March 17 but authorisation is given for certain flights to come in. The Government has also been routinely allowing flights in with oil workers from multiple countries.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy was hoping that the observers of the Carter Center could come in on the flight Friday, but the U.S. Ambassador was on Friday last sharply told that America should respect Guyana’s COVID-19 guidelines, which prevents the observers from entering the country.

The government has denied entry of the Carter Center two consecutive times to observe the recount of votes cast on March 02, 2020.

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