Enmore minibus conductor who breached COVID-19 order feared dead


The Enmore minibus conductor who recently made the headlines for breaching the COVID-19 order, carrying more passengers than allowed, is now feared dead after he reportedly drowned at the Unity Foreshore, East Coast Demerara.

Rajindranauth Persaud, popularly known as Kiran, was among a group of persons swimming at the location on Sunday, May 24.

The News Room understands that the 30-year-old encountered strong currents as he approached a channel and was pulled under the water.

“About 14:30hrs…an unknown caller called the Mahaica Police Station and reported that a group of persons was swimming at the Unity Foreshore when a wave covered Persaud and he went down and did not surface,” a Police report noted.

The News Room understands that Persaud of 123 Logwood, Enmore, left home around 06:00h on the day of the incident, telling his reputed wife that he was going to work, and was taking a drop with motorcar PMM 3961.

Reports indicate that three persons, who were with Persaud at the time, have been detained and are assisting with investigations.

However, Persaud’s sister, who spoke to News Room on Monday morning, said she has information that those persons have been released, even as they give conflicting reports of what transpired.

Currently, family members and friends of Persaud are part of a search party along the Unity Foreshore.

Persaud was due to appear in court on Monday morning after he and the driver of BWW 4985 were arrested by Police after a passenger posted photos of them carrying more passengers than allowed under the COVID-19 order on May 14.

Traffic Chief Linden Isles had told the News Room that the men will be charged, but he was awaiting statements to determine what charges will be levelled against them.

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