PSC against mandatory quarantine of returning Guyanese who test negative for COVID-19


The Private Sector Commission (PSC) believes that the mandatory requirement for Guyanese to be quarantined for 14 days after returning home should be relaxed.

“…we consider [this] to be very harsh measure,” PSC Chairman Gerry Gouveia said during a virtual press conference on Thursday.

“If you are tested negative, I fail to understand why these people can’t be quarantined at home,” he added.

The PSC has since written to the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) requesting that it removes this stipulation from the repatriation form.

The form noted that Guyanese who are returning will have to be placed in quarantined for two weeks even if they test negative for COVID-19;

The PSC, in the letter, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of Task Force, Joseph Harmon said while it acknowledges that a number of public health and safety guidelines have been implemented to protect all citizens, it is equally important for the most convenient measures to be employed.

It is asking the Government to allow for persons who test negative for COVID-19 48 hours prior to travelling and are screened and tested upon entry into Guyana, to be exempted from the mandatory two-week quarantine.

“…provided that both screening (before and after entry into Guyana) showed a negative result, then such persons should be allowed to be sent home and/or quarantined at home,” the PSC said.

The National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) on May 22 approved the return of 300 Guyanese stranded overseas as a result of COVID-19 emergency measures.

The approval is granted for persons in Trinidad and Tobago and in New York, New Jersey, Florida and other states in America and other countries.

The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has identified two private hotels as quarantine facilities for Guyanese returning home.

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