Brandsville, Bacanas hotels to serve as quarantine facilities for returning Guyanese


The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has identified two private hotels as quarantine facilities for Guyanese returning home.

Persons desirous of staying at Brandsville Hotel in Pike St Campbellville, Georgetown and the Bacanas Hotel on Charlotte Street, Georgetown for any required quarantine by the Guyanese officials upon their return will have to pay a daily fee to use the facility and will also have to carry the cost for meals.

The Ministry made it clear that persons are welcomed at all Government quarantine facilities where they will be provided with beds, meals, Wi-Fi and security, free of cost.

On Monday, the Ministry issued a travel advisory for repatriating Guyanese stranded abroad in which it asked to complete an ‘application for entry form.’

News Room was able to peruse a copy of the form which noted that a quarantine facility is any public and/or private facility designated by the Ministry of Public Health to be used for quarantine of COVID-19 cases.

“The Ministry of Public Health will give consideration to persons who may wish to spend their time at a private facility rather than a public quarantine facility and has designated two private places for this purpose – Baracara Hotel, Brandsville Apartments,” the form noted.

For the Bacanas Hotel rooms on the second and third floors, there is a fee of $8,000 GYD per night while rooms on the first floor will attract a cost of $5,000 GYD per night.

All rooms are equipped with a small refrigerator and two beds and some carry AC units while others only have fans.

There is also a cost for meals which is to be borne by the citizen. “Meals: Breakfast $800 GYD. Lunch $1,000 GYD Dinner $1,000 GYD.”

Meanwhile, for rooms at Brandsville, it will attract of cost of $15,000 GYD per night.

“Each room is equipped with a single bed, refrigerator (laundry included); Additional person in the room will be charged $5,500 GYD per night. Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner $5,500 GYD per person.”

According to the document, all persons being repatriated to Guyana are required to undergo at least 14 days of quarantine. These persons are asked to indicate where they would like to be quarantined.

Should you indicate any of the private accommodations you are asked to provide proof of reservation and payment.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story initially identified the Baracara Hotel as one of the facilities based on the information provided on the repatriation form, however, it was found that the hotel to be used as a quarantine facility is actually the Bacanas Hotel on Charlotte Street, Georgetown. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs apparently spelt the name of the hotel incorrectly on the form.

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