Alexander says GECOM Chair penned letter to Chief Immigration Officer on migrants voting


Following questions on whose order the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) launched a probe into migrants voting on March 2, APNU+AFC nominated GECOM Commissioner Vincent Alexander has made it clear that it was the Chairman of the electoral body Justice (rt’d) Claudette Singh who penned the letter to the Chief Immigration Officer.

Alexander on Friday disclosed that GECOM launched the probe into allegations by the incumbent APNU+AFC that citizens who migrated or were not in Guyana for the March 02, 2020 elections were marked off as having voted.

His disclosure was met with rejection and denial by the three Opposition nominated GECOM Commissioners who claimed that they had no knowledge of this probe and that it was not discussed at the level of the Commission.

But Alexander on Saturday provided more clarity on the issue and revealed that the Chairman had actually informed the Commission that she wrote the Chief Immigration Officer seeking verification of the claims by the Coalition.

Government-nominated Commissioner Vincent Alexander

“GECOM has received information from APNU+AFC and that information has been sent for verification to the Chief Immigration Officer…it is a matter of fact.

“…and the Chairperson of GECOM in a meeting of GECOM made it known to all of us that she had written the Chief Immigration Officer, she made it known to all of us. So anybody who suggests otherwise is a stranger to the truth. She made it unequivocally known that she received information,” Alexander told reporters outside the Arthur Chung Conference Center where the recount of ballots is ongoing.

He went further to note that a “particular Commissioner” even asked and received a copy of the letter.

“Even when she made it known, a particular Commissioner asked and saw a copy of the letter which she had sent to the Chief Immigration Officer.

“I come here and I disclose facts, what has indeed occurred and I challenge anybody to question the fact…”

Alexander said the letter to the Chief Immigration Officer was sent sometime last week.

He said the APNU+AFC has made claims that in excess of 300 migrants were ticked off as having voted on March 2 even though they were not in the country.

The Chairman’s decision to launch a probe into the matter has been met with much resistance by the Opposition People’s Progressive Party which has said that GECOM does not have the legal authority to investigate these claims.

“The law does not allow GECOM to conduct any investigation,” PPP nominated GECOM Commissioner Sase Gunraj had said Friday.

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