Assuria adds affordable TrackPoint to Insurance Package


With the ongoing theft of vehicles, Assuria General (GY) Inc. has partnered with a local company –V-Net Communications –to install tracking systems to all existing and new motor insurance clients

See full statement below from Assuria General (GY) Inc.

Assuria General (GY) Inc. has collaborated with V-Net Communications to add their GPS Tracking Service – TrackPoint to their packages. It provides for vehicle Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and those customers who sign on will be eligible for discounts on customers’ vehicle insurance.

Upon registering, customers will be able to gain as much as 20% discount on TrackPoint device, installation and monthly subscriptions.

According to Mr. Yogindra Arjune, General Manager for Assuria, “I believe that with the ongoing theft of vehicles, we must find avenues to combat this problem. With this in mind, Assuria will continue to collaborate with the best partners, as in this case V-Net Communications, for the benefit of all stakeholders”.

“Given this new venture, Assuria will be offering all of their existing and new motor insurance clients, a 5% discount on their premiums to a maximum of $10,000, to those who will install GPS devices from V-Net Communications”.

Mr. Arjune further stated that with the state or the art device installed, theft or attempted of vehicles will be reduced significantly and the combine package offer, is a great time to for all motorist to take advantage and get peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is additionally protected.

Likewise, Chief Executive Officer, of V-Net Communications, Safraz Sheriffudeen was elated to have another major Company in Guyana collaborate to use their reliable service which has been very efficient to customers thus far.

Sheriffudeen envisions that the partnership will benefit Assuria and its customers immensely, especially, given the safety features.

TrackPoint offers the future of vehicle tracking and fleet management in Guyana since it ensures an enhanced experience with a user-friendly interface for detecting and monitoring the whereabouts and activities of your vehicle.

This system encourages optimization where the user would be able to identify solutions to reducing costs, improving response time, security and customer service.

The comprehensive service is available on both GSM and Satellite Networks.

Get further details on this promotion by contacting Assuria Office on Tel # 226-7090 / whatsapp 655-7278 and V-Net on Tel # 219-4787 / whatsapp 608-0268.

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