New U.S. visa sanctions target those undermining democracy


The new visa sanctions announced Thursday by the United States targets “senior officials” responsible for or complicit in undermining democracy in Guyana, Michael Kozak, acting Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Western Affairs of the U.S. State Department has said.

The U.S. first announced visa sanctions two weeks ago and followed up today with more.

Following his announcement, Kozak took to Twitter to pile further pressure on President David Granger’s and his Coalition to accept that they have lost the elections and should step aside and allow the swearing-in of the PPP’s Irfaan Ali.

In a tweet, Kozak stated Thursday night: “The U.S. will not stand by as the Granger administration continues to defy the will of the Guyanese people.

“Democracy must prevail.”

In announcing further visa sanctions today he said that the Granger administration and its allies continue to defy the will of the Guyanese people by refusing to accept the vote count.

He noted that the count has been certified as valid by international observers OAS and CARICOM, Guyana’s and the Caribbean’s highest courts.

He vowed that the United States and the rest of the Western hemisphere will not go along with the farce and “will continue to act until the Granger administration accepts the will of Guyanese voters.”

  1. Matthew says

    Hammy……..they callin’ yur name bhai!

  2. Mahabir Singh says

    This guy lost by 24,000 votes from the recount and three courts said so. His buddies in the election commission Mingo and Lowrenfield just try to cook the results to keep him in power. All the organization around the world the USA Canada, Europe, England, and the Caricom have already monitored the results and the elections and according to the results which is the only valid results, Granger and his APNU or a version of the PNC lost like hell. This man Granger is a poor leader and the worst in modern times. He cannot accept his loss like a man and move on. He is a hindrance to democracy in Guyana. Only dictators try to rig an election or steal it and some of his real buddies are Burnham, Mugabe, Amin, and Maduro, and even those despotic ones like Saddam, Hilter, and Stalin are his idols. He is a horrible leader those who don’t accept defeat will never be respected by the people it does not matter the ones who enjoy fraud, corruption, and stealing an election. The USA has a right to sanction him and his buddies and friends from that party the APNU.

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