COVID-19 cases climb to 881 as 35 new cases recorded


Guyana on August 21, 2020, recorded 35 new COVID-19 cases, taking the total number of confirmed cases to 881, including 30 deaths.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Shamdeo Persaud on Friday said 410 persons are being monitored closely while 77 are in institutional isolation. Eight persons are in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit and 333 are in approved home isolation.

The total number of persons recovered is now 433 persons. Dr Persaud said the recovered patients have been released on home monitoring with strict measures to prevent any further re-infection.

Between August 15-20, a total of 218 new cases were reported. These cases came mainly from East Bank of Demerara and Georgetown in Region Four; the Lethem area in Region Nine; Bartica and surrounding areas in Region Seven; Riverview in Region Ten; East Bank Essequibo, West Coast and West Bank Demerara in Region Three.

Region Five also recorded its first case and there have been sporadic cases in Regions One and Two. Imported cases were also reported in Region Six.

“Fellow Guyanese, as you can see from the date over the last week, COVID-19 remains a threat to everyone in all areas of Guyana,” Dr Persaud said.

Dr Persaud further urged persons to do the WHO recommended PCR test and not the rapid antibody test.

The rapid test may indicate that someone was exposed to the virus but it is not substantial for diagnosing COVID-19.

“Please desist from comparing these two distinctly different methods of testing, since the rapid antibody test is not approved to diagnose active COVID-19 cases, and only the molecular PCR can credibly identify infected persons.”

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