Local Archers conclude qualification round for Online Cup


Archery Guyana’s Qualification round of the World Archery Americas’ Online Archery Cup of the Americas continued in sweltering heat this week with an additional five Recurve Archers competing at the 18m distance.

The Archers were Umasankar Madray, Nicholas Hing, Robert Singh, Talitha Kissoon and Samira Duncan.

While the competition was strong among the Archers, Umasankar finished the match with 298 points, but experienced some difficulties with his new equipment, resulting in an unusually low scoring sequence.

Hing started off strong but faltered under the sweltering heat, ending the match with a total of 338 points. Singh, the Senior indoor and outdoor champion, was able to sustain a reasonable average under the adverse conditions, ending the match with a total of 404 points.

Junior female champion Kissoon showcased her natural talent, hitting the 10 spot five times, but was obviously affected by a lack of match practice, ending with a score of 245.

Duncan, also affected by lack of practice, had a slow start but her scoring gathered momentum throughout the match, closing with a total of 347.

The Online Archery Cup of the Americas is a World Archery Americas sanctioned competition seeking to advance the spirit of competing on a Virtual arena whilst abiding with the COVID-19 safety measures across the Americas (North, South and Central America and the Caribbean).

Archery Guyana, the local governing body, was tasked with conducting the qualification round. Scores were recorded electronically, and pictures of equipment, scorecards and the target were sent to the Competitions and Judging Committee via WhatsApp for tabulations and scrutiny.

The scores for Guyana’s Qualification Round will be submitted to World Archery where they will be tabulated with the scores from all the other competing countries after which the top two Archers in each category will be short listed to take part in an Elimination shoot, set for late September.

Cognisant of the national COVID-19 protocols in place and abiding with the laws and the social distancing safety rules as to the limit on the number of persons permitted to be in any gatherings, shooting was done in pairs at different times and dates.

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