Elderly Reg. 9 woman dies from COVID-19


A 78-year-old woman of Region Nine was on Sunday morning recorded as Guyana’s 37th COVID-19 death, a mere few hours after the 36th patient died.

The Ministry of Health subsequently revealed that she died at the Lethem Regional Hospital while receiving care. She was tested after she died and the result was positive.

This is the second death to be recorded in less than 12 hours following the death of an 80-year-old man from Region 4 whose was recorded as the 36th COVID-19 fatality on Saturday night.

From August 16 to date, the Ministry recorded 14 COVID-19 related deaths; four in the past week but no information is being provided on the victims.

The Ministry said it is in contact with all relatives and other contacts to facilitate contact tracing and rapid assistance to everyone who may have been exposed.

To date, the country has recorded 1184 confirmed cases of COVID-19 of which 636 have recovered.

Persons with symptoms of COVID-19 are asked to call the COVID-19 hotline numbers 231 1166, 226 7480 or 180/181 for assistance.

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  1. Terry ramjohn says

    Don’t understand why the correct and propper death report cannot be shared with the public. How do they know that these deaths are covid related ?

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