Seven now in custody for brutal murder of Berbice boys


A total of seven persons have now been arrested and are being questioned in relation to the gruesome murder of two teen cousins at Cotton Tree Backdam, West Coast Berbice on Sunday.

Those arrested include the 57-year-old owner of a coconut farm where Police found bloodstains. The owner’s son and a handyman are among the others who have been held. The Police said the suspects are “assisting” with the investigations.

Police Commissioner (ag) Nigel Hoppie appealed for calm as the Police continue to intensely to investigate the murders of Joel, 18 and Isaiah Henry, 16.

In a video statement released by the Department of Public Information, the Police Commissioner disclosed that investigators were still on the ground at the crime scene and in the adjoining villages “aggressively conducting work.”

On Monday, the Major Crimes team was deployed from CID Headquarters.

The Top Cop said a Post Mortem Examination is set for Wednesday, September 9.

The gruesome murder of the teen boys has sparked protests across the country among predominantly Afro-Guyanese citizens who have regarded the killing as a hate crime fueled by race.

Relatives believe the boys were killed and their bodies placed in the coconut farm at Cotton Tree, just a few villages away from where they lived.

Joel was listed by the Police as a labourer of Lot 26 No Three Village, West Coast Berbice.

Police had said his body was found with the upper half in a hole. The body was clad in a black long pants, green long sleeve jersey with white fine strip and barefooted. Joel’s bore a mark around his throat and bruises on the fingers of his right hand.

Isaiah was a student and from the same village; his body was seen lying on his back with his head pointing in an eastern direction and feet pointing west.

The body was clad in grey short pants, light green long sleeve jersey and barefooted. A wound was seen on his throat, two to his left side head, one on his forehead and one to the left side chin, Police stated.

The killers carved out a huge ‘X’ on Isaiah’s head while they cut open Joel’s chest.

  1. Don Gomes says

    Just awful.Totally unacceptable.The killers must face the full force of the law.
    This case must be done real quick.
    Murderers must be brought to justice.

  2. Matthew says

    This crime seems designed to raise racial hatred in this Country and at this time. I am starting to be a lil bit suspicious as to or what entity has anything to gain by disrupting the Country and creating racial strife. I am praying for the Police to get to the bottom of this and and get it solved as fast as possible. Check on who was in that backdam and get a statement from every person…….somebody might know something. hard to move in these villages without everybody knowing. The protestors need to step down a bit and think of the families instead of violence.

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