63-Y-0 is 60th COVID-19 death


A 63-year-old woman from Region One has been recorded at the 60th COVID-19 death on Wednesday moments after the 59th death was announced.

The Ministry of Health in a statement said the woman died while receiving care at a medical facility.

The woman’s death followed closely after an 80-year-old female, also of the Barima/Waini Region One, died of COVID-19 related complications.

The Ministry also reported two deaths on Tuesday but did not say where any of the last four persons died.

Officials of the Ministry have contacted all relatives and persons to facilitate contact tracing and rapid assistance to everyone who may have been exposed to the now-dead persons. The Ministry is also appealing to the general public to respect the confidentiality of the deceased and her family and to allow them to mourn their tragic loss in peace.

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