Guyana Squash Association pitches home for racquet disciplines


By Akeem Greene

The Guyana Squash Association (GSA) in a recent meeting with Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr. touched on the possibility of establishing a home to cater for all racquet disciplines, thereby allowing Guyana to host international events.

Currently, the Georgetown Club on Camp Street, Georgetown, serves as the hub for squash in Guyana. During regional events, the two additional courts at the National Racquet Centre on Woolford Avenue are utilised.

The National Gymnasium on Mandela Avenue and the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Homestretch Avenue accommodate Badminton and Table Tennis, while the Racquet Centre and the National Park cater for Tennis.

The aim of the GSA is to have one facility with numerous courts, which will afford Guyana the opportunity to bid for international tournaments. This agenda was put forward by the executives in their second meeting with the Minister.

The Association was represented by President David Fernandes, Vice-President Owen Verwey Director Robin Low and Assistant Secretary Anabelle Singh.

“Trying to find a new and permanent home for squash and the three other major racquet sports [badminton, table tennis and lawn tennis],” Verwey told News Room Sport in a recent interview.

“Develop facilities to host more recognised competitions; one of the big things in the proposal to the Minister is a facility that will have five courts in one location and five courts in one location brings you to the standards for most of the racquet sports to meeting the standards of the IOC [International Olympic Committee] to host events.”

The Guyana Squash Association hopes that not only squash can be catered for at an Internationally accredited facility, but also the major racquet disciplines in Guyana

In the interim, Verwey hopes the National Racquet Centre on Woolford Avenue can be maximised given the numerous schools in close proximity.

“Using the facility at Woolford Avenue to its maximum and focusing on a programme that will do some cohesion of people. Focusing on a programme that will bring the maximum to the large number of students that are in and around the area of the Woolford Avenue centre.”

The Racquet Centre was opened in 2011 on the occasion of World Squash Day by then President Bharat Jagdeo. It was constructed at a cost of just under G$29 million.

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