Family seeks assistance after sole breadwinner severely beaten during robbery


One year after being severely beaten during a robbery, Somdatt Singh of Enmore, East Coast Demerara is still unable to work to support his family and now pleads for assistance. Singh, a father of two who worked as a fisherman, was beaten and robbed of $20,000 by three men while on his way home from selling fish on June 20th, 2019.

He suffered damages to his spine and a broken neck.

His wife, Amiena Singh, during an with the News Room on Wednesday explained that her husband is in constant pain and needs therapy; as such the family is seeking the public’s assistance.

“How he deh he can’t work because one day he try to go to work and he come back and start holler for pain. He said he could not sit down and watch his family struggling.

“It hard because my son have to do online work for school and I have to go and put on internet and I finding it really hard,” Mrs Singh said.

Amiena Singh taking care of her husband while he was still in a cast

According to the wife, her husband previously worked at the Enmore Sugar Estate as a cane cutter but after the estate closed in December 2017 he used his severance pay to purchase a small fishing boat.

“…but now we had to sell the boat to just get he look after so the money wah he sell for the boat is that what I am using all the time,” the wife said.

A few relatives have also pitched in to assist the family over the year. Mrs Singh is also unable to work as she takes care of her husband.

“If I could get a proper doctor to get medication for his neck…we could eat salt and rice but he needs help,” she said.

The woman also expressed her dissatisfaction with the slothful police investigation. The News Room understands only one of the suspects was arrested and is currently before the Cove and John Magistrate’s court. But the wife further explained that the case keeps getting pushed back as the suspect does not show up.

“One body get arrested and he get loose before my husband come out the hospital,” the wife said.

Anyone willing to assist the family can contact +592 656 5500.

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