Bodies of Eccles couple in murder/suicide burnt beyond recognition


Detectives have determined murder/suicide following the death of a young couple, whose charred remains were found in their lot 1139 Block ‘EE’ Eccles, East Bank Demerara house, Tuesday night.

Police Headquarters in a statement revealed that the bodies were burnt beyond recognition after the husband set the house on fire. Dead are Leeroy King, 32, and Cindy Moses, 35. It is believed that King killed Moses before setting the house on fire.

According to the Police statement, at around 19:15h, King arrived home and Moses was observed opening the gate for him. Shortly after, one of the neighbours claimed that she heard screams coming from the said house and what appeared to be loud explosion before seeing fire engulfing the upper flat of the northeastern side of the house.

The house after firefighters extinguished the fire [Photo: Isanella Patoir/November 3, 2020]
After the fire was extinguished by firefighters, police ranks entered the home and observed the bodies of both persons lying on a bed in a bedroom on the northeastern side in the upper flat of the building.

The bodies are at the Lyken Funeral Parlor. Family members remain in a state of disbelief over the incident.

King, a businessman and father of three young children from another relationship, was the owner of King’s Barber Shop at 17th Avenue Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

His wife also operated a stationery store in Diamond named ‘Options.’ Police Headquarters in a brief statement said that King had set the house on fire.

Moses’ brother, Anthony Moses, told reporters that she led a very private life; he could not say what led to the gruesome act.

“My sister used to keep her life private and confidential, she never complained to me about anything,” the brother said.

Relatives say the couple would usually argue but never imagined it could have led to something like this. There were signs of a struggle inside the couple’s car and police found a bloody face mask inside the vehicle.

According to the residents, the couple would visit the house regularly during the construction phase but they fully moved in last weekend and so they are not well-known in the community.

The house and car were owned by Moses; she and King had no children together.

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