Families in shock after young couple found burnt to death in house


The families of Leeroy King, 32, and Cindy Moses, 35, remain in a state of shock after the couple’s burnt remains were discovered inside their newly constructed concrete house in Eccles New Scheme, East Bank Demerara Tuesday night.

Relatives arrived at the scene in disbelief. King, a businessman and father of three young children from another relationship, was the owner of King’s Barber Shop at 17th Avenue Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

His wife also operated a stationery store in Diamond named ‘Options.’ Police Headquarters in a brief statement said that King had set the house on fire.

“I was in my room and reading on the news that a couple got burnt up in Eccles and then my other brother come knocking at the door and said my brother got burned up,” Shelly Fraser, told the News Room at the scene.

Undertakers remove the couple’s charred remains from the house

King was the eldest of six children.

Relatives said they last spoke with King hours before the incident and he seemed happy and normal. The couple, who have been together for two years, was found hugging each other inside a bedroom in the upper flat of the house.

Meanwhile, Moses’ brother, Anthony Moses, told reporters that she led a very private life; he could not say what led to the gruesome act.

“My sister used to keep her life private and confidential, she never complained to me about anything,” the brother said.

Relatives say the couple would usually argue but never imagined it could have led to something like this. There were signs of a struggle inside the couple’s car and police found a bloody face mask inside the vehicle.

The house after firefighters extinguished the fire [Photo: Isanella Patoir/November 3, 2020]
Neighbours explained that they heard the couple arguing and then there was silence, but shortly after, at around 8:40pm, they noticed the house was on fire and so they called the fire service.

According to the residents, the couple would visit the house regularly during the construction phase but they fully moved in last weekend and so they are not well-known in the community.

The house and car was owned by Moses; she and King had no children together.

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