Opposition Leader congratulates Biden, Harris on election win


Opposition Leader, Joseph Harmon has extended congratulations to President-elect of the United States of America, Joe Biden and Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris.

In a letter to the President-elect, Harmon lauded the election of Harris as the first person of colour to be elected to that position.

Recognising that the US is home to the largest Guyanese diaspora, Harmon said: “it is no surprise that the people of Guyana, both here and in the United States, rejoice at the welcome news of your election to the White House.”

“Our nation looks forward to engaging with you, Vice President-elect Harris and your Cabinet in strengthening bilateral relations and building a stronger and more unified CARICOM and Caribbean basin,” he added.

Opposition Leader, Joseph Harmon

Harmon said the Opposition APNU+AFC Coalition looks forward to briefing the new administration on the political situation in Guyana.

He said his party commits to working with the new US administration to “rebuild trust between our peoples, strengthening goodwill and re-establishing constitutional democracy and social cohesion in Guyana after a recent period of political and social turmoil and distress.”

The period of political and social turmoil and distress to which the Opposition Leader refers, is the recently concluded elections which lasted five months due to his party’s refusal to concede defeat.

Guyanese went to the polls on March 2, however, the results which were supposed to be declared days after, were derailed by attempts to steal the elections followed by several allegations of fraud by the APNU+AFC.

Refusing to accept defeat, the incumbent US President Donald Trump has claimed that dead persons voted and refused to demit office; his claims are similar to those made by the APNU+AFC and former Guyanese President, David Granger.

The APNU+AFC has levelled several allegations of fraud in the 2020 elections and have also included same in its elections petitions which were filed in the High Court.

Like in Guyana, vote count on election night showed an early win for Trump, however, this lead was diminished and he later lost as the count continued.

Attempts to steal Guyana’s election were reversed through international pressure, particularly from the United States. The US has even revoked visas of elections officials and several high-ranking officials in the previous administration.

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