With Kwebanna COVID-19 cases reduced to four, lockdown lifted


The Ministry of Health has lifted the lockdown for Kwebanna in Region One after the number of COVID-19 cases were successfully reduced to four.

The community did not report any new case in the last week.

The community went on a full lockdown on October 24 after over 50 positive cases were confirmed.

“At the peak of this cluster of cases that we’ve had, we had about 62 cases. So today we have four cases now so we’ve lifted the lockdown,” Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony said in an interview on Monday.

The Ministry is now monitoring neighbouring communities in the Moruca sub-district and Dr. Anthony said those areas have also seen a decrease in cases.

He told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that health professionals are monitoring Wakapoa which has recorded 14 positive COVID-19 cases to date.

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