Lockdown brings COVID-19 outbreak in Kwebanna under control


A three-week lockdown in Kwebanna, Region One is showing positive results with no new reported cases within the last few days and the Village Council will be working to closely monitor the 900 residents to prevent a second outbreak. Out of the 87 active cases in Region One, Kwebanna accounts for 37.

Thus far, the community has recorded a total of at least 71 COVID-19 cases, inclusive of two deaths; at the moment, 28 positive patients are in home isolation

The village Toshao, Paul Pierre, told the News Room on Friday that the Joint Services must be commended for their efforts to prevent little to no movement in the village during the lockdown.

“The situation is under control so far; we have been on an extended one-week lockdown but as far as I can see, the lockdown has been effective, the cases have decreased and more people are adhering now to the COVID-19 measures,” Pierre said.

Toshao of Kwebanna, Paul Pierre

The Toshao also commended the residents for cooperating and he urged that they continue to adhere to the COVID-19 measures even after the lockdown. However, in the initial stage of the lockdown, there were some challenges with residents who did not adhere.

“For example, you had people wanted to go out and do business as usual and look after personal interest, so we had to really educate the people about the lockdown and they got to understand it was serious to have none to limited movement in the community but generally people cooperated a lot,” Pierre explained.

Doctors and other health workers from Moruca visit the village daily to check up on patients and conduct testing.

“Even though when the lockdown would officially end, we would still have our internal regulations with COVID-19 measures and we will ensure that people adhere and monitor the gate and riverfront.

“We will not allow things to go back as before because that would be a very great mistake on our part because there could be a recurrence,” Pierre said.

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