Gov’t issues eviction notices to 14 Peters Hall property owners refusing compensation packages 


As civil works on a new crossing over the Demerara River are accelerated, so too are the government’s efforts to relocate private property owners currently living within the area set aside for the new bridge.

On Wednesday, Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill was forced to issue and hand-deliver eviction and demolition notices to property owners who are still refusing to move but remain in the path of the bridge and accompanying infrastructure.

Those who were issued the notice are Prince Albert Wilson, William Ovid Thomas, Clare Ramsay, Merlyn Thomas, Wilfred Brandford, Vivienne Friedricks, Clarence Howard, Alexandrina Klass, Neil Browne , Orfield Dash & Margaret Dash, Dennis Hall & Odetta Hall, Joan Stewart, Yuen Yen Lim & Nip Yuen Tai and Alvin Yearwood & Wilbert Yearwood.

“As you may recall during the year 2022, the Government of Guyana informed you that the property… would be compulsorily acquired under the Acquisition of Lands for Public Purposes Act,” the notice read.

It reminded the property owners that the government through various agencies engaged them on multiple occasions to amicably and consensually reach an agreement on market value and compensation for the properties and costs related to removal and attendant inconveniences.

The offer of the Government includes land, house and monetary compensation.

An overhead shot capturing parts Petyers Hall East Bank of Demerara, the Demerara River and the new Demerara River Crossing under construction. [PHOTO: John Greene]
“In these engagements, you willingly accepted the Government’s decision to compulsorily acquire your said property for the public purpose of the construction of the New Demerara River Bridge and the access carriageway in relation thereto.

“Unfortunately, those engagements with you unlike with others, were unable to yield an amicable consensual financial package as contemplated by the letter and the spirit of provisions of the aforementioned Act,” the notice added.

Now pressed for time, the Government proceeded with the compulsory acquisition of the property and in light of the failure to arrive at an agreement on the compensation to be paid, the Government will engage the High Court in accordance with the Act for a resolution of that matter.

“Therefore, Title to the property now vests in the Government.”

In the circumstances the government has asked that the residents vacate the property within 30 days. Failure to do so will result in an eviction and demolition of the properties.

The government said it would prefer not to resort to this recourse.


See below the chronology of events leading to the acquisition of properties:


It was first announced in September 2020 that the Government of Guyana had decided to site the New Demerara River Bridge along the Nandy Park to La Grange alignment

On May 25, 2022, the contract for the construction of the New Demerara River Bridge was signed between The Ministry of Public Works and the JV led by China Railway Construction Corporation (International).

In September 2022, the Contractor JV provided a comprehensive Land Acquisition and Relocation Plan to the Ministry of Public Works showing all the properties that fall within the Right-of-Way of the New Bridge.

In October 2022 a Team from the Central Housing and Planning Authority and the Ministry of Public Works conducted a scoping exercise in order to compile a detailed report of the particulars of the properties to be acquired in the Peter’s Hall area of the New Bridge.

In October 2022, the Hon. Colin Croal, Minister of Housing and Water and a CHPA team invited the residents of Peter’s Hall and Republic Gardens to a public engagement to inform them of the process that will unfold leading to the acquisition of their property for the construction of the New Bridge.

In November 2022, the Government Valuation Office was engaged to conduct the appraisal for the list of properties that were to be acquired for the New Bridge.

In January 2023, another engagement was held with residents of Peter’s Hall and Republic Gardens by CHPA Officers. At the meeting, the valuations were disclosed to the residents. Most of the residents expressed their dissatisfaction with the valuations being offered and opted to have private valuations done.

In February 2023, the Hon. Colin Croal held a second public engagement to reinforce CHPA’s commitment to ensuring that the relocation process will be a smooth and equitable process for all the project affected persons.

In March 2023, CHPA began the negotiation process and allocation of house lots and property to residents commencing land identification exercises in Peter’s Hall, Covent Gardens and Farm.

In September 2023, Hon. Colin Croal, Hon. Mohabir Anil Nandlall, Attorney General, CHPA staff, stakeholders and the Project affected Persons were engagement with the purpose of the meeting to state the Government’s position and to once again express the Government’s commitment to ensure that the relocation process is completed in a timely manner.

In latter part of September 2023, further engagements were made between the residents and CHPA officers.

In October 2023, Hon. Colin Croal, the Attorney General and the assigned Attorneys held a second engagement with the residents.  The Attorney General stated that the process has gone on for a lengthy period and that there is an urgency for residents to agree to the terms of the Agreement with their Attorneys.

On February 10, 2024 Order 13 of 2024 was published in the Official Gazette for the Acquisition of Land for Public Purposes for the construction of the New Bridge

Later in February 2024, Hon. Anil Nandlall, Mr. Juan Edghill, Minister of Public Works, Min. Croal, CHPA staff, Lawyers assigned to each resident held a third engagement at the Princess Hotel with residents who had not accepted the compensation agreements. The Attorneys indicated that the Government will move to the courts for those residents who are not in agreement with the terms of the compensation agreement.

On April 6, 2024 Order 28 of 2024 was published in the Official Gazette vesting the described parcels of land to the Government of Guyana in accordance with section 6.

On May 7, 2024 Notice of eviction and demolition of property was dispatched to Residents who did not accept the Offer from the Government.

Of the Twenty-one (21) properties to be acquired on the Peter’s Hall area, six (6) of the property owners have accepted compensation packages while fifteen (15) property owners have refused the compensation package offered by the Government of Guyana citing their dissatisfaction with the Offer.

Offer made to the residents;

  • Free plot of residential lot (commercial and industrial where applicable)
  • Monetary Compensation to the market value of the resident land/ building
  • Monetary compensation for crops
  • Accommodation affording the resident time to rebuild




  1. habeeb says

    I see them residents calling in Habray Narton for yelp.
    I have confidence in Habray to oversee these citizens MOVE BEFORE they are caught in the buildings whilst
    the bulldozer demolishing them.

  2. Terr says

    Get the police and get rid of these parasites of the earth .

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