Benn tells public to record interaction with police


In an effort to clamp down on corruption in the Guyana Police Force, Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn is urging the public to record their engagements with the police either by video or audio. The Minister made the comment at the launch of the National Road Safety Week 2020 on Monday.

“We have issues of very poor engagement with many of the police or some of the police with the travelling public; we have the ongoing criticisms of bribery on the road.

“I want every person who engages with the police on the road to make an audio or video taping of that engagement and if there is a problem bring it to the attention of the Ministry,” Minister Benn said.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn (Photo: News Room/November 23, 2020)

He further urged that recordings also be made while at police stations. This, Minister Benn explained, is also part of efforts to create a new culture and vision for the Force or rather to reinforce the motto – ‘Serve and Protect’.

“I believe our police have to be less aggressive, more empathetic, more open minded and more polite,” Minister Benn said.

Recently, police officers were also subjected to being assaulted by road users.

Earlier this month, Keron Joseph, the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) rank, who was caught on video assaulting a Police Constable was slapped with 13 charges and also had his driver’s license suspended for one year.

Last month, a GDF Lance Corporal was also charged after he was caught on camera attacking and beating a Police Constable on Demerara Harbour Bridge.

“We have the situation where people are fighting and attacking the policemen and women; we would also like this to stop,” Minister Benn said.

Traffic officers were also urged to be more aware and educated about the traffic rules.

Additionally, Minister Benn said he will also be clamping down on tinting.

“I am going to specify again on what ground people are going to get tints and that if the police got tints themselves all over the car, it is a very bad sign.”


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