Agreement for medical training between UG, Health Ministry and GPHC updated


An existing tripartite agreement that guided medical training between the University of Guyana, the Ministry of Health, and the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) has been updated, promising profound improvements for medical education in Guyana.

The new agreement was signed on Tuesday by Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony, Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana Dr. Paloma Mohamed and Chief Executive Officer of the GPHC retired Brigadier George Lewis.

Representatives from the three entities all expressed confidence that the work done over the last six months to update the agreement for the equal benefit of all parties will result in strengthened medical training at the Ministry and the GPHC.

The agreement allows for medical students at the university to enjoy clinical rotation at the GPHC and other institutions under the Ministry of Health.

Among the major achievements in the new 14 pages document is the creation of a nine-member Joint Relations Committee which will work over a number of years to ensure future medical education.

“From here on, I think the joint committee that was mentioned by the CEO would now have, once we sign off on the agreement would now have to meet now on a regular basis and move this process forward. So, I guess. The three of us here CEO and myself and VC we would be monitoring the process of what this giant committee will be doing. I guess periodically we want to have reports and updates on the progress of this MOU,” Dr. Anthony added.

The Minister said the signing of the new agreement is a step in the right direction.

“I see this as a stepping stone, as we move forward in terms of doing more for medical education and maybe this might be one of many agreements that we will have with the University of Guyana. Apart from doctor’s education, we want to look at nurses and other categories of medical personnel, and I think this would give us a good template on which work with the university,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mohamed said she was happy that the Ministry of Health could facilitate the University in this process.

She described it as a “very progressive document”; one that ensures transparency and systematicity

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