Records tumble on blistering day for Team Mohamed’s


The 15-month wait for the return of Drag Racing at South Dakota proved to be a fulfilling one for Team Mohamed’s, as they clocked numerous sub-eight times, which were all below the previous record of 8.099 seconds set by the white GT-R in 2019.

The question on Sunday was not if the cars could break records, but rather how fast they could go, given the weeks of track preparation. By the end of the day, the fleet of cars had reigned supreme, producing some blistering runs.

With no competition, other than themselves, the white GT-R (Godzilla) reset the quarter-mile record to 7.501 seconds in a run with the black GT-R (Goliath).

Godzilla was driven by seasoned campaigner Terence Cox, while Team Mohamed’s principal Azruddin Mohamed piloted the Goliath.

Mohamed also drove the Nismo and did some impressive runs against the Godzilla and Goliath.

The Debbie-downer of the day was the much-hyped Toyota Supra (Kong) not taking the track for varying reasons, most of which are understood to be mechanical, after a fire at practice on Saturday.

Mohamed’s lead driver, Terence Cox, said they could not put down the power they initially wanted due to a lot of the rubber they placed on the track wearing. However, he confidently stated they can go extremely faster.

Imran Khan won the 13-second class in his Toyota Carina

Other winners of the day were:

16-second – Parshuram Ramkisoon (Honda Prelude)

15-second – Anil ‘Nala’ Persaud (Toyota Levin)

14-second – Mahendra Singh (Mitsubishi Evolution 10)

13-second – Imran Khan (Toyota Carina)

12-second – Sahadeo Ramsewack (Toyota Verossa)

11-second – Raymond John (Toyota Chaser) of Suriname

10-second – Shareef Mohamed (Mitsubishi Evolution)

Unlimited category – Team Mohamed’s

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