98 Y-O woman now denies being raped; suspects released


Days after a report was made and suspects were taken into custody, a 98-year-old woman is now denying being raped.

According to police reports, an intense interrogation was carried out and the woman, in the presence of a social worker and detectives, vehemently denied being sexually assaulted. As such, the four suspects were released on station bail and are expected to report to the police periodically until the investigation is completed.

The News Room understands that the 98-year-old woman lives alone and was discovered in a battered state by her caregiver on February 23. The caregiver had reported that the woman said that she was beaten, choked and that the suspects pushed their hands down her throat.

The caregiver said when she was dressing her to go to the hospital that she noticed her underwear was torn and there was blood.

The caregiver later found a bloodstained sheet, and subsequently contacted the police.

The victim was then accompanied to the Police where a medical examination was done. The News Room understands that the results of the examination confirm that the victim was not sexually assaulted. The file into the investigation is expected to be completed Tuesday and sent to Director of Public Prosecutions for legal advice.

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