Murdered Sophia boy was an aspiring doctor; family recounts tragedy


By Dinica Paul

Ten-year-old Anthony Cort, an aspiring doctor, who was gunned down on Thursday by bandits in ‘C’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, is being grieved by relatives and friends who on Friday recalled a quiet but enthusiastic boy. Anthony’s mother, Denise McPherson, relived the last moments of her only son’s life to the News Room.

McPherson recalled that on the day of the incident, it was the neighbour, Monette Famey’s birthday, so she and Anthony visited, after which, Anthony went upstairs to play with Famey’s 12-year-old son.

Denise McPherson and her husband (Photo: News Room/March 12, 2021)

Roughly five minutes into talking, the three women who were downstairs in the shop- Denise McPherson, Monette Famey and Ena Skerrett, said that two males, wearing masks invaded the property and robbed them.

“I had my phone in my pocket, I had two chains they pull it off, I had $3,000…the owner [Famey] for the shop, they emptied her draw with cash, took off her married ring and her band, McPherson recalled.

During the ordeal, the murdered boy’s mother had her baby girl in her arms.

The house where the robbery occurred (Photo: News Room/March 12, 2021)

Meanwhile, the businesswoman, Famey recalled that while she was held at gunpoint, the bandits took her upstairs for additional cash and valuables, while Anthony’s mother remained downstairs being held by her hair by the second bandit. It was upstairs that the bandit would make a brief encounter with Anthony after he exited a bedroom and was shot by one of the bandits to his upper shoulder.

The suspects then ran away, jumped a zinc fence and made good their escape. At the time of the shooting, McPherson, though she heard the gunshot, was unaware that her son was the victim.

It wasn’t until McPherson ran home and took her baby girl to safety and on her way back to the house that she was informed Anthony was shot. She found him lying motionless.

“They shoot he straight at he heart…and the ambulance tek long long fuh come and then they didn’t do anything. Like me son did already dead. I say y’all carry he to the vehicle and they say he already dead.”

Anthony was the only boy amongst three girls for his parents. McPherson, still traumatised over the tragic incident, shared with the News Room that in 2015, her eldest daughter was also murdered.

Anthony attended the St. Ambrose Primary School; his family said he had a bright future ahead of him and had plans of becoming a doctor.

Meanwhile, ranks of the Guyana Police Friday arrested two persons, a man and his girlfriend, in connection with the murder. According to reports, the police swooped down on a North Road, Georgetown property where the duo was arrested and taken into custody for questioning.

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