Hopetown Strikers Volleyball team joins BVA


The Berbice Volleyball Association (BVA), and by extension Guyana’s Volleyball fraternity, was expanded at the weekend with the launch of the Hopetown Strikers, comprising both male and female players.

Despite inclement weather, the Hopetown Strikers Volleyball team had their official launch through goodwill matches against Port Mourant Under-17s and an exhibition games with senior and junior males combined from the Port Mourant Training Centre (PMTC).

President of the Guyana Volleyball Federation, Levi Nedd, welcomed the Hopetown players to the Volleyball family. The Strikers are being coached by national player Ronaldo Bobb.

The day’s event was hailed a success with the Port Mourant youngsters drawing first blood 30-19 and then being defeated by Hopetown in a return match 30-22. Mixed teams of both males and females then went on to play. The senior PMTC team won in three straight sets: 25-18, 25-23, 25-22.

In the end tokens of encouragement were awarded to outstanding players, namely Kenna Thom Ifill -, Wileta Isaacs, Tamara George, Jason Lachman, Roberto Sijlman, Eaton McDonald and Shakeel Garraway.

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