21 Bartica residents on $10K bail each for not wearing face masks


Days after police in Bartica, Region Seven, arrested and released 15 persons on bail for failing to wear a face mask, another 21 persons have yet again been arrested for the same offence.

According to a statement from Police Headquarters, a party of police from the Bartica Police Station conducted an enforcement exercise Wednesday afternoon into the early evening within the district.

Several shops and liquor restaurants were visited and observed to be keeping with the COVID-19 guidelines, however, 21 persons were arrested for failing to wear a face mask and they were placed on $10,000 cash bail each.

On the last occasion, those arrested were released on $5,000 cash bail.

The latest 21 persons are expected to attend court on the following dates:

(1) Alex James a miner of Lower Pomeroon River. Court on 2021:05:12

(2) Elisha Gill unemployed of 1 Mile Bartica. Court on 2021:05:12

(3) Hestri Rivelino unemployed of 203 Charlotte Street Lacytown Georgetown. Court on 2021:05:12

(4) Ronaldo Matuto a mechanic of First Avenue Bartica. Court on 2021:05:12

(5) Jessica Khan A teacher of Byderabo Road. Court on 2021:05:12

(6) Ricky Bisnauth a miner of 87 Anna Regina. Court on 2021:05:12

(7) Leroy Clifford a miner of Lot 27 First Avenue. Court on 2021:05:12

(8) Yogesh Singh a miner of Lot 13 Parika. Court on 2021:05:12

(9) Mahendra Bhola unemployed of 19 Stewartville WCD. Court on 2021:05:13

(10) Hubert Singh a miner of Lot 173 Zahor Street Betterhope ECD. Court on 2021:05:13

(11)  Wendell Christiano a pump attendant of First Avenue Bartica. Court on 2021:05:13

(12) Dorwin Dowden a driver of lot 20 Fourth Avenue Bartica. Court on 2021:05:13

(13) Richards Lickrish a welder of Agatash Village. Court on 2021:05:13

(14) Jamal Phillips a pump attendant of “J and K “First Street Bartica. Court on 2021:05:13

(15) Limsey Permaul a technician of Byderabo Road Bartica. Court on 2021:05:13

(16) Wilfred Barclay a labourer of Four Miles Bartica. Court on 2021:05:13

(17) Haricia Sandos Unemployed of  Boavista Reg# 7. Court on 2021:05:14

(18) Kevin Williams a labourer of Goshen Essequibo River. Court on 2021:05:14

(19) Marcelino Milageous unemployed of Lot 63 Tuschen Housing Scheme. Court on 2021:05:14

(20) Mohamed Shafeek a contractor of  Second Avenue Bartica. Court on 2021:05:14

(21) Ronald Madudu a mechanic of First Avenue Bartica. Court on 2021:05:14

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