Tuschen: Woman breaks car window to escape after driver refuses to let her out


A 21-ear-old woman who accepted an offer of a ride to the main road at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo has told Police she was forced to break the window of the back seat of the car after the driver refused to stop the car for her to get out.

Police said that the woman in the Tuschen New Housing Scheme, awaiting transportation to go to the main road when a black Juke motor vehicle approached an offered to give her a ride.

A man was driving the vehicle and a woman was seated in in front passenger seat.

Police said the woman, from Meten-meer-zorg, accepted the ride but when the car reached to the main road, the driver ignored her request to stop the car so she could get out. The driver, Police said, proceeded to turn onto the Tuschen Public Road.

“The victim who became fearful, broke the back left side window glass of the vehicle, which caused the driver to stop immediately.

“The victim then rushed out of the vehicle with her belongings and the vehicle drove off in a western direction,” Police stated.

The incident was subsequently reported to the police at the Leonora Police Station.

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  1. Matthew says

    Smart and brave lady…Kudos…..hope they catch the kidnapper.

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