Man, found hiding in creek, confesses to murder of overseas-based Guyanese over money


Police arrested a fifth person Wednesday in connection with the beating to death of overseas-based Guyanese Hemraj Pardesi called Prem’.” That suspect confessed that the intention was not to kill Pardesi but rather to rob him of a large amount of cash he had in his possession.

A police source close to the investigation revealed that the suspect implicated two other persons, inclusive of a woman the victim was allegedly involved with.

According to the source, the suspect disclosed that Pardesi was in his yard when they pounced on him and a scuffle ensued. The victim was dealt a lash to his head with a steel rod and duct taped around his neck and mouth. They subsequently grabbed the keys he had in his possession to gain entry to the upper flat of the building. The suspect said they ransacked the building for the cash and his accomplice escaped with a bag while he escaped empty handed.

The suspect was found by police hiding below water in the Canje Creek with his nose above water. He was subsequently arrested and taken into custody where he confessed hours later.

According to a police report, the suspect caught in the creek was jailed in 2019 for a Chinese Supermarket robbery but was released from prison in February 2021.

Police are continuing the hunt for the man and the woman; the woman is suspected to have lured the victim out of his yard briefly, which allowed the perpetrators to gain entrance.

Police found Pardesi’s body between 23:30 hrs and 23:45 hrs on Tuesday at the bottom of his outdoor step that leads to the upper flat of his two storey concrete and wood property. He had returned to Guyana a few weeks ago and was executing some renovation works on the property. Pardesi, in the company of a friend, on Tuesday visited a commercial bank and had withdrawn a large quantity of cash, a transaction the lover of the man was aware of, police said.

After returning to the Reliance property, the individual is said to have left the premises around 22:30 hrs Tuesday. Shortly after, the suspects entered the yard and confronted Pardesi.

Police in a statement said Pardesi was last seen alive and well by his nephew on the said date, in the company of another male. His body was found lying face down motionless with what appears to be blood coming from his nose, and duck tape around his neck. Traces of what appeared to be blood was seen on the step leading to the upper flat and entire upper flat of the building was ransacked. There was no sign of forced entry.

Pardesi’s body is presently at the Arokium Funeral Home awaiting a PME.

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