‘We were expecting one’ – says new mom of triplets


The mother of triplets born on July 22, 2021 Wednesday said she was expecting to have one baby and was shocked when she saw three embryos on her first ultrasound.

Alicia Bacchus and her husband Dorrel Simon found out they were expecting on Christmas Day in December 2020.

“I was expecting one, honestly speaking, well we were expecting one. A few days after we went and we did an ultrasound and we saw three little [embryos] there,” Alicia explained on Wednesday during a press briefing at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

The babies – two boys and a girl – were delivered at 34 weeks and four days via caesarean at GPHC. Normal delivery for triplets is usually 32 weeks.

Khaleel, Reya and Addiel are the first children for the couple.

Dorrel Simon holds one of his sons

The babies’ father explained that while he is a twin and that his mother is also a twin, he never expected to have triplets.

“Having to see my three kids it was really joyful and I would like to thank the doctor for being patient with my wife and doing everything…she didn’t had any problems,” an emotional Dorrel said.

The couple’s Obstetrician-Gynecologist at GPHC, Dr. Abel Caesar along with his team delivered the triplets.

Dr Ceasar said preparations began months prior to the triplet’s delivery when the young mom joined the antenatal clinic at the hospital.

From left to right: Dr. Martinez (neonatologist), Dr. Haynes (pediatrician), Dr. Wilson (first year resident – paediatrics), Dr. Reyes (neonatologist) and Dr. Baksh (first year resident – paediatrics) who were part of the triplet’s delivery

Two additional incubators were burrowed from the intensive care unit in the event the babies needed additional care.

Dr Ceasar explained that they were expecting complications due to the risks associated with carrying and delivery triplets. Thankfully, the pregnancy was uneventful and the delivery was smooth.

There are increased risk of diabetes and hypertension for a mother carrying triplets while risks with the babies include fetal abnormality, morbidity and pre term delivery.

This is the third set of triplets delivered at GPHC in the last six years.

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