UPDATE: Masked men attempted to sever husband’s neck, wife recalls


A Warren Village, #19 Corentyne, Berbice couple is reeling from shock after two masked men invaded their house on Sunday and attacked them during a robbery.

Franklin Baker, 58, and his wife, Lilowttie and are hopeful that justice would be served following the terrifying experience that left Franklin with injuries to his hand and shoulder.

The bandits were armed with a shotgun and cutlass, police reported.

Lilowttie told reporters that when the two masked men barged into their premises, the one who was armed with the cutlass tried to sever her husband’s neck as they held him down.

Police Headquarters revealed that the couple was relaxing in a hammock under the house at around 18:30hrs; the husband went to the gate to call out to his brother when he was suddenly confronted by the two bandits.

The traumatised woman explained that her husband fought with the bandit while screaming for help. Police said while the husband shouted for help from his neighbours, the bandits quickly pulled him into the house and began to beat him.

“[They] hold down Frankie and Frankie fight for glory.

“He hold [onto] the cutlass and [did not] loose,” the woman said.

Lilowttie said she pleaded with the men not to kill her husband all the while being held at gunpoint by the second suspect.

The bandit with the gun then pushed her to the ground and demanded that she hand over her jewellery. Lilowttie stated that the bandits escaped to the backlands after the men heard a loud noise.

Lilowttie explained that her husband’s brother started banging on a canter with a cutlass on the road to scare the bandits away. Police said while the bandits escaped a loud explosion was heard, which was suspected to be a gunshot.

Franklin sustained cuts to his hands from holding on to the cutlass and a slash to his shoulder. He was treated at the New Amsterdam Hospital and is recovering at home.

Meanwhile, police sources have indicated that no one has been arrested.

The bandits took a Samsung Galaxy cellphone valued at $40,000; two gold earrings valued at $20,000; a gold bangle valued at $80,000 and another cell phone valued at $50,000.

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