21 years jail for Diamond man involved in murder of businesswoman


Colin Grant, was on Monday sentenced to 21 years imprisonment for the 2013 murder of Diamond, East Bank Demerara businesswoman, Sirmattie Ramnaress.

Grant was sentenced by Justice Jo-Ann Barlow at the Demerara High Court. Last month, Grant was arraigned for the capital offence of murder but pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter.

He admitted that between August 30 and 31, 2013, he unlawfully killed Ramnaress called ‘Sabo’ at her Diamond house.

According to state prosecutor Sarah Martin, Grant along with his friend, Paul Bascom were involved in the crime.  Grant told police that he was the “lookout” man while Bascom and others robbed Ramnaress.

Ramnaress was found dead in her house and it was suspected that she might have been murdered by persons close to her. The 36-year-old was found in the lower flat of her posh home by an employee who turned up for work. The body bore stab wounds, her house was ransacked and the lower flat drenched with diesel.

On November 6, 2013, the police searched Grant’s Diamond Housing Scheme house and Ramnaresh’s laptop was found. He told the police that he was given the laptop along with $100,000 by Bascom as his cut.  He later confessed to the crime and gave the police a written caution statement.

Grant’s attorney, Dexter Todd during a plea of mitigation, told the court that his client is remorseful for his actions and that he followed bad company.

Todd said there is no evidence to show that Grant played a role in inflicting injuries to Ramnaress which resulted in her death. He also said that his client is a prime candidate for rehabilitation and can be reintegrated back into society.

Grant broke down in tears as he begged the judge for mercy.  He also apologised for his actions and pleaded for a second chance.

Justice Barlow in her sentencing remarks told Grant that he engaged in a plan to commit a felony which resulted in the death of the businesswoman.

She also noted that when he was arrested, he did not tell the whole story, however, she noted that the case is not one that deserves the maximum sentence.

The judge sentenced Grant to 21 years imprisonment; she deducted one-third of the sentence due to his early guilty plea along with the six years he spent on remand.

Last month, Grant’s former co-accused ex-police officer Colin Bailey was freed of the crime. Grant allegedly claimed that he was paid by Bailey to kill the woman.

However, during Bailey’s trial, the prosecution conceded that there was no evidence linking him to the crime. As such, Grant was freed by the judge after spending almost six years on remand.

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