‘My mother came home dead’ – Essequibo family in shock following murder


Reshma Lall, the daughter of 52-year-old Indira Lall, who was reportedly strangled to death by a taxi driver on Monday night, has recounted the harrowing details.

The woman’s two children are seeking answers and justice in her tragic murder.

Lall of Affiance Village, Essequibo Coast was dropped off at her daughter’s house by the taxi driver in an unconscious state.

“I was home and I heard a car blowing in front my house, then somebody call and it was the taxi driver calling out to me, when I went to the window he said: ‘yall come quick, your mother is not feeling well, she want go to the hospital’,” a tearful Reshma told the News Room on Friday.

The woman’s daughter, Reshma Lall

She recalled that she rushed towards the car and saw her mother in the front seat.

“…she was lifeless, she couldn’t move and I started to wake her up and said: ‘mommy, mommy wake up.’

“When I watch, there was froth coming out from her nose and her mouth,” the daughter said.

Reshma said she then turned her attention to the taxi driver and inquired what happened.

“He said she not feeling well and said she want go to the hospital.”

Reshma said she found it strange that when they asked the taxi driver to take them to the hospital, he said his car lights were not working. As a result, Reshma’s husband took Lall to the hospital in his car.

On the way to the hospital, the grieving daughter said she tried desperately to revive her mother, but she never woke up. Indira was pronounced dead at the Suddie Public Hospital. An autopsy conducted on Thursday revealed that she died as a result of strangulation.

“She never had a problem with nobody, nobody never talk bad about my mother, this is a shock to us because she gone to work good and she come home dead.

“What really happened?

“…the post mortem show she was strangled to death… for what I don’t know,” Reshma said.

According to Reshma, another security guard who relieved her mother on Monday night claimed she was picked up by the same taxi driver at 21:30hrs but she never reached home until 23:00hrs.

Lall frequently used the taxi driver since she comes off of work late at nights. Earlier that same night, Lall called her son and spoke with him and his children.

According to the daughter, her mother was very hardworking and was a security guard for some ten years.

“She was everything to us, right now we are torn apart; it is me and my brother alone and it is really hard,” Reshma said.

Meanwhile, the News Room understands that the taxi driver has since been transported to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at Eve Leary, in Georgetown for questioning.


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