Basil Williams pulls out of PNC/R leadership race


Weeks after he was nominated to run for Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R), former Chairman Basil Williams has declined the nomination he had initially accepted.

Williams previously said, “if nominated I would then consider whether the circumstances allow for me to contest,” and when nominated, he said, “it would be my distinct pleasure to serve as your leader and therefore come the day of elections, I unequivocally ask for your vote.”

The Congress which should have been held today, has since been postponed to December 18.

In a brief statement today, Williams said after nominations closed on November 12, he was informed by way of letter on November 17,  that he was nominated for three positions including that of Leader.

“I have examined all the circumstances and my team and I have decided that we will not engage in the contest at this time,” he announced.

Williams was not actively campaigning and had explained previously that he had COVID concerns that would have arisen from gathering too many people.

Williams said he has been working non-stop for the last 20 years as a member of the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC).

During that time, he spent 17 years in Parliament, practised as a lawyer at all material times, and served as Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General for the APNU+AFC government.

“I have worked my way up the CEC’s ladder from an ordinary member in 2001; Vice Chairman for four (4) consecutive two (2) year terms,  eight (8) years, and Chairman for three (3)  consecutive two (2) year terms, six (6) years.  It was under my watch as Chairman we won government again after twenty-three (23) years.

“The only office I never served in is that of Leader,” Basil had said in a statement where he accepted nominations.

The other Candidates for Leader of the Party are Joseph Harmon, Aubrey Norton and Richard Van West Charles.

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